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Our new logo and name

Our new logo and name

Many of us like to spend summertime by the water. If there is one bird everyone seems to recognize, besides the loon, it is the Great Blue Heron. Whether kayaking silently along a shoreline or sitting on a dock pondering life, the sight of a Great Blue flying overhead lifts the spirits and eases our worries. It seems everyone I have talked to about this bird lately has that same feeling. We feel peace and solitude, joy and somehow, a bit of security.

Most Native tribes took note of the heron’s inquisitiveness, curiosity and determination.  As such this set the heron as a symbol of wisdom in that this creature seemed to have good judgement skills.
Specifically, the Iroquois tribe held the blue heron as a very good omen, a very lucky sign.  As a water creature the heron is also a symbol of going with the flow, and working with the elements of Mother nature rather than struggling against her. The heron is a beautiful creature, exhibiting grace, and noble stature. It’s no wonder natives and ancients honored the heron throughout the centuries.

According to Ted Andrews, the Heron is a symbol of balance, able to be sure footed upon the ground and fly gracefully through the sky. They explore quietly and slowly along shorelines, waiting for opportunities. But once they have spotted what they want their swiftness shows no hesitation. Those who love nature and activity, etc,  highly resonate with the Heron. There is a sense of security in the Heron energy. They have the ability to evolve and become more adept at their talents. They will learn to walk into the deep waters with no fear and they will stand on their own two feet keeping themselves balanced at all times. Self determination, self reliance and guidance are the trademarks of the ever popular “lady” of the lake and spiritual guardian of the nature lover’s soul, the Great Blue Heron.

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